All about Vitiligo

Dr. Gourav Das

How to treat Vitiligo? | Video by Dr. Gourav Das

Vitiligo is treatable! Watch Dr. Gourav Das talking about different treatments that are available in India to treat Vitiligo. Consult a dermatologist near you to know which treatment is the most suitable for you.

Dr. N R Baghel

Facts and myths about Vitiligo | Video by Dr. N R Baghel

Myths about Vitiligo make it more difficult for people to feel accepted into the society. Watch this video by Dr. N R Baghel where he busts some of the myths about this skin condition and shares a message to normalize Vitiligo.

Dr. Sirisha

Vitiligo beyond the myths | Video by Dr. Sirisha

Vitiligo is caused to people who have parents of mixed races. Myths like this limit our understanding of this skin condition and give rise to stigmas. Watch this video by Dr. Sirisha where she debunks various myths about this skin condition and urges people to be kind towards Vitiligo patients.

Dr. Vikas Halwai

Disproving Vitiligo Myths | Video by Dr. Vikas Halwai

Despite people knowing about Vitiligo, there are many myths that are still believed to be true. Watch this video by Dr. Vikas Halwai where he talks about things that are not true about Vitiligo to spread awareness about this skin condition on the occasion of World Vitiligo Day.

Dr. Nazia Nousheen Siddique

Vitiligo 101 | Video by Nazia Nousheen Siddique

Vitiligo treatment includes medical management and surgical management based on the severity of the condition. Watch this video 3-min by Dr. Nazia Nousheen Siddique where she talks about all things Vitiligo in a short and concise yet informative manner.

Dr Sourabh Dubey

Vitiligo – Causes, Treatments, and Myths | Video by Dr. Sourabh Dubey

Vitiligo causes no physical discomfort but people with this skin condition suffer from emotional distress. Watch this video by Dr. Sourabh Dubey where he explains Vitiligo in detail which includes its causes, treatments, and myths around this skin condition. Consult a dermatologist near you to deal with it in the right way!

Dr. Vinay

All you must know about Vitiligo | Video by Dr. Vinay

Vitiligo can be controlled but can’t be cured. Watch this video by Dr. Vinay where he sheds light on different treatments available for controlling and re-pigmenting the white patches. Consult your dermatologist to know more about treatment that is suitable for you.

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