Types of Alopecia

Types of Alopecia | Video by Dr. Kaleem Khan

Alopecia can be a tricky condition to tackle. Do not make the mistake of treating it as normal hair fall. Watch this video where Dr. Kaleem Khan answers common questions related to this condition and also talks about the Types of Alopecia. Book an appointment with a cosmetologist or dermatologist, visit here.

Dr. Jagadeesh

Is Vitiligo treatable? | Video by Dr. Jagadeesh

Starting Vitiligo treatment early can help treat it effectively. Watch Dr. Jagadeesh talk about Vitiligo and explain how can it be treated in this video. For more information and proper treatment of Vitiligo, consult a dermatologist.

Dr. Poorva Sharda

Vitiligo Awareness | Video by Dr. Poorva Sharda

20% to 30% of people with Vitiligo have at least one close relative with the same skin condition. Watch this video by Dr. Poorva Sharda, who talks about Vitiligo and shares who can get affected by this condition and the treatments available to deal with it.

Dr. Sunita Patel

Vitiligo is nothing to be scared of | Video by Dr. Sunita Patel

Misconceptions about Vitiligo do more harm than the skin condition itself. Watch this 3-min video by Dr. Sunita Patel where she sheds light on the myths and facts about Vitiligo. If you are suffering from Vitiligo, it is always better to seek a dermatologist’s help as soon as possible to manage it effectively.

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