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Dermatologist in Patna

The current pollution rate in the cities has risen over the years, causing skin irritations and hair damage daily. You might not take it seriously, but skin and hair damage daily can lead to problems in the future. To minimise the skin and hair damage, you should visit the nearest dermatologist in Patna, today.

Why do you need a dermatologist?

Daily skin and hair care are essential, and you should consider recommendations from a dermatologist before you use any kind of skin and hair care products. Some products might say they are skin-friendly but might damage your skin, so to be on the safer side, consulting from a dermatologist is a better option.

When to see a dermatologist?

Visiting a dermatologist is a necessity; one can make any time. Ideally, one should regularly see their dermatologist once a month. But when the following conditions happen, then you must not avoid a dermatologist. Excess hair loss | Hair Breakage | Thinning of Hair | Greying of Hair | Acne | Pigmentation | Redness on Skin | Skin & Hair Irritability | Fungus Infections | Vitiligo

Understanding Skin Care

For your skin to remain healthy, you should be aware of the small changes it undergoes every day. Just washing your face regularly and scrubbing once a week isn’t enough. The skin types differ, and according to that, you need the right skincare products and treatments.

Understanding your skin is essential before you go ahead with any treatment. Skin & Hair Academy has skilled dermatologists in Patna, that can help you know your skin type and give you the right solutions.

The importance of Hair Care

Just as the skin, hair care is also essential. Understanding the type of your hair and getting the right solution for it is necessary for healthy hair. Using the right products, following a nutritious diet, also is a deciding factor for your hair’s health. You may not understand all of it, but a dermatologist will explain to you the root causes of unhealthy hair and its reliable solutions.

At Skin & Hair Academy, we make sure to have adept doctors that can resolve your problem from once and for all. Do you visit an expert today! Expert today!


Q1. How does a cosmetic dermatologist differ from a dermatologist?

Ans. A normal dermatologist is a doctor who specialises in skincare and is an expert of skin and hair care. Dermatologists will analyse your skin, treat the abnormalities and suggest medications for it, whereas a cosmetic dermatologist will help you to correct your appearance through surgery or injections.

Q2. When should you consult a skin specialist in Patna?

Ans. Ideally, one should regularly visit their dermatologist once a month. You could gain a lot of knowledge about your skin and hair that you usually should know. When your skin feels irritated, then you must not avoid a dermatologist.

Q3. What type of skin problems are treated by the skin specialist in Patna?

Ans. A skin specialist should be able to treat almost any skin related problems, but majorly a skin specialist in Patna can cure the following:

  • Excess hair loss
  • Hair Breakage
  • Thinning of Hair
  • Greying of Hair
  • Acne
  • Pigmentation
  • Redness on Skin
  • Skin & Hair Irritability
  • Fungus Infections
  • Vitiligo
Q4. Does a dermatologist carry out cosmetic procedures and plastic surgeries?

Ans. Dermatologists are doctors who are skin experts and study deeply about the skin and hair. They then work towards treating skin issues through creams and medications. Cosmetic professionals perform plastic surgeries more than they can treat a skin-related issue.

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