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The Need For Dermatologists

Our skin and hair constantly bear the brunt of our stress-inducing lifestyle, rising pollution levels, and external environmental aggressors such as harsh sunrays, heat, dryness, winds and humidity. Of course, for every modern-day skin and hair problem that you face, you’ll find an assortment of new products in the market, designed to overcome them. Still, self-medication can never match up to medical guidance from an expert dermatologist. This is because most of us are unaware of our skin type or hair type, and its issues. That’s where dermatologists come in. Dermatologists help you understand your skin and hair better, can accurately diagnose the cause of your problem, and recommend the best treatment or medication for it.

But, where exactly do you find a good dermatologist? Well, that’s where we come in. Here, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of some of the best dermatologists in Mysore with their specialisations, contact details, and the address of the hospital they operate in or their privately owned clinic. If you have any skin or hair issue, this is the only platform you need to book an appointment with the most experienced, trusted and reputed dermatologists near you.

Understanding Dermatologists

Dermatologists are medical practitioners who specialize in diagnosing and treating disorders, diseases and infections of the skin, hair, nails and mucous membranes. Apart from this, dermatologists also have expertise in dealing with cosmetic problems of the skin and hair, and are regularly consulted for aesthetic procedures like facial rejuvenation, cosmetic injections, chemical peelslaser treatmentsdermabrasion, cryotherapy, skin grafting and such.

Most importantly, your dermatologist can advise you on a personalised skin care and hair care routine. In this digital era, many consumers also benefit from the medical insights offered by doctors through their published articles, blogs, interviews and podcasts.

Just as medical and dental check-ups have been a healthcare norm since ages, skin and hair check-ups are also slowly getting the significance they deserve.

Who All Need To Consult A Dermatologist?

If you notice any abnormality or infections concerning your skin, hair, nails, or mucous membranes, the first thing you should do is visit a dermatologist. If you’re interested in aesthetic procedures that revitalize the cosmetic appearance of your skin, hair and nails, you can book an appointment with a cosmetic dermatologist. Dermatologists are also consulted in case of skin cancer examinations.

On this page, you can browse through an exhaustive list of all the best dermatologists in Mysore who can address every skin and hair problem you may have.

Dermatologists In Mysore

Mysore is a popular tourist destination in India and draws travellers from all parts of the country and outside. A robust doctors’ network is necessary to take care of the healthcare needs of this city’s diverse population.

Skin & Hair Academy serves as a one-stop portal for connecting its readers to licensed dermatologists and cosmetologists across India. This page offers a complete list of all the leading dermatologists in Mysore, segregated as per area, availability and specialisation. You can check out their profiles, their credentials and experience before getting in touch with them for your skin and hair issues.

Understanding Skin Care

The skin is the largest organ of the human body, and your first line of defence against invading pathogens, toxins from pollution, and the external environment. Obviously, maintaining the health of your skin is vital. But first, you need to understand your skin type, whether your skin is normal, dry, combination, oily, acne-prone or sensitive. This will help you choose the skincare products and skincare routine that are perfect for your skin type, which includes a range of cleansers, toners, serums, moisturisers, exfoliants, and sunscreens. It’s important to cleanse, moisturise and wear sunscreen every day as advised by your dermatologist. Your self-hygiene and self-care rituals, diet, exercise, sleep schedule, water intake and overall lifestyle are the key contributors to your skin health.

Try to be aware of any changes that your skin may be undergoing and promptly consult an expert if you experience symptoms of any skin condition. The experts mentioned on this page consist of the best dermatologists in Mysore who can help you understand your skin better and maintain a healthy skincare routine in general.

Understanding Hair Care

It’s necessary to pay attention to the health of your hair and scalp, as many a time, it reflects your internal well-being. The first step to taking care of your hair is determining your hair type, whether it’s straight, wavy, curly or coily. Depending on your hair texture and the issues you suffer from, such as dryness, damage, frizzy hair, oily hair, dullness, dandruff, split ends or hair fall, you need to choose the ideal hair care products, hair care routine and medicated hair treatments, if needed. A dermatologist can help recommend the right shampoo, conditioner and treatment to address your hair concerns. Along with practising good hair and scalp hygiene, your diet, exercise, sleep schedule, water intake and overall lifestyle are equally important.

If you’re suffering from persistent hair issues, consult a dermatologist promptly, before your problem aggravates. This page consists of the top dermatologists in Mysore who can solve your hair problems and also help you maintain a healthy hair care routine that’s ideal for your hair type.

Skin & Hair Academy serves as the go-to platform for medically accurate information on skin and hair care, skin and hair problems, skin and hair diseases, disorders and infections, and skin and hair treatments. We ensure that our comprehensive articles and blogs convey everything you need in an easy-to-understand language.

With the help of some of the best dermatologists in Mysore and through the information shared on our blogs and articles, you can be rest assured of all your skin and hair care questions answered satisfactorily here.

Questions asked frequently for skin and hair

Q1. Who is a dermatologist?

Ans. A dermatologist is a doctor who treats skin, hair, nail and mucous membrane issues through medication or minor operations. They can have training in medical and cosmetic surgical procedures, which can include non-invasive therapies and invasive techniques.

Q2. How do I select a dermatologist?

Ans. Different dermatologists have their expertise in different fields. This includes cosmetologists, dermatopathologists, trichologists, immunodermatologists and pediatric dermatologists. Depending on your skin and hair care concerns, you can select the right dermatologist from this page. Take a look at the specialisation of the dermatologist, check the reviews and ratings, and contact them on the number given. You can visit the dermatologist at their clinic, or check whether they are offering online consultations.

Q3. When should I visit a dermatologist in Mysore?

Ans. Book an appointment and visit a dermatologist in Mysore promptly, if you suffer from any issues on your skin, nails or hair, such as:

You can also consult a specialised cosmetic dermatologist in Mysore, for aesthetic procedures to improve the appearance of your skin, such as:

Q4. What are the DOs and DON’Ts of skincare recommended by dermatologists?

Ans. These are some of the skincare DOs and DON’Ts that dermatologists recommend as well as follow themselves:


  • Cleanse and moisturize your skin daily
  • Always wear sunscreen whenever you step out
  • Remove your makeup before sleeping
  • Treat the skin on your neck as an extension of your face


  • Don’t keep touching your face
  • Don’t pop or pick at zits
  • Don’t take very hot showers
  • Don’t neglect your dermatologist appointments
Q5. Do dermatologists in Mysore provide laser treatments for skin problems?

Ans. Laser treatments can help reduce visible acne scars, blemishes, wrinkles, or fine lines, and are effective in removing moles, warts, or lesions. Based on your skin type and skin issue, a dermatologist will determine whether a laser treatment is the right therapy for you. So yes, if you want more information regarding laser treatments, do visit a licensed dermatologist in Mysore, who can guide you with an accurate diagnosis and treatment.

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