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The Need For Dermatologists

With growing pollution, erratic weather fluctuations and lifestyle changes, your skin and hair are more susceptible to damage and infections. Although there are ample skincare and hair care products available in the market, it’s always advisable to consult an expert dermatologist rather than self-medicate. In most of the cases, you aren’t completely aware of your skin type, its allergies and issues. Dermatologists help you to understand your hair and skin better and suggest the best treatments or medication for them.

All said and done, finding good dermatologists is a task in itself. We’ve saved you the trouble here on this page. Browse through a comprehensive list of some of the best dermatologists in Kochi with their contact details and specialisations. Whatever might be your skin or hair problem, we’re sure you’ll find our experts equipped to solve them.

Understanding Dermatologists

There’s much more to dermatology than just dealing with skin diseases or conditions. Besides medication and treatments, dermatologists are essentially experts who can help you maintain a healthy skin and hair care routine in general. Day by day, doctors are being considered as consultants who share their knowledge through articles, blogs, interviews and podcasts.

Dermatologists are also being consulted for cosmetic procedures like facial rejuvenation, liposuctionlaser treatments and the like. Along with regular health and dental check-ups, skin and hair care check-ups have also become a necessary part of everyone’s life.

Who All Need To Consult A Dermatologist?

People usually think of visiting dermatologists only when they experience skin and hair issues like acne or dandruff. Yes, you should consult dermatologists in such cases, but you should also remember that, just like your body, your skin and hair also require regular upkeep.

On this page, we’ve compiled an exhaustive list of all the best dermatologists in Kochi who can address every skin or hair issue of yours.

Dermatologists In Kochi

Kochi is a cosmopolitan, commercial port city in Kerala, and a bustling tourist destination. It is the financial capital and the biggest megalopolis in the state. Naturally, to cater to the healthcare and skincare needs of such a diverse population, a sound doctors’ network needs to be in place.

Skin & Hair Academy serves as a resourceful portal for connecting its readers to expert dermatologists and cosmetologists across India. This page in particular has the list of all the leading dermatologists in Kochi, segregated as per area, availability, specialisation and name. You can check out their profiles, their credentials and experience before contacting them for your skin and hair issues.

Understanding Skin Care

Skincare today has gained added importance due to rising levels of pollution and lifestyle issues. Merely bathing every day is no more sufficient for maintaining healthy skin. You need the right set of skincare products and methods for that. Furthermore, you also need to be aware of the changes your skin might be undergoing and take the right measure to protect it. The experts mentioned on this page consist of the best dermatologists in Kochi who can help you understand your skin better and maintain a healthy skincare routine in general.

Skin & Hair Academy serves as the go-to platform for any and every information for skin and hair care, treatments, medical help and awareness. The main objective is to ensure that people looking for information on skin and hair problems get medically accurate information in a simple and easy-to-understand language.

With the help of some of the best dermatologists in Kochi and through the information shared on the other pages, you can be rest assured of all your skin and hair care questions answered satisfactorily here.

Questions asked frequently for skin and hair

Q1. Do dermatologists carry out cosmetic procedures and plastic surgeries?

Ans. Dermatologists are equipped and qualified to carry out cosmetic procedures however, plastic surgery is carried out by plastic surgeons who are trained to perform aesthetic and reconstructive surgeries. The job of a dermatologist is to diagnose and cure skin, hair, and nails mostly with the help of medications and sometimes by performing minor operations like skin biopsy. A dermatologist deals with a variety of skin, hair, and nail problems from chronic acne to autoimmune disorders, skin cancers as well as sexually transmitted diseases.

Plastic surgeons on the other hand are skilled to perform surgeries and cure acute burns, injuries to the face and body, birth defects, skin grafting, and transplantation of fingers and hands through aesthetic surgery and microscopic surgery.

Q2. Are hair transplantation or hair removal treatments provided by dermatologists?

Ans. Both hair transplantation and hair removal treatments are provided by dermatologists. After diagnosing the condition and conducting a proper examination, the correct treatment method is suggested in both cases. However, in the case of hair transplantation, more often than not, due to the lack of availability of hair at the donor sites, it is advised against. Hair transplantation is performed only at the early stages of male and female pattern baldness. Therefore, if it is a small patch of hair that needs to be transplanted, it can be done with hair restoration products as well.

Laser hair removal procedure is suggested for those interested in getting rid of unwanted facial and body hair. However, this procedure has to be repeated every 9-10 months depending on the growth of your hair. The technological advancements have made the procedure less risky and rather safe today. Either way, both these procedures require proper counselling and guidance from a dermatologist. So, before you opt for any of these procedures, visit the dermatologist, get an insight on the process and the risks involved.

Q3. What is the difference between a skin doctor and a dermatologist?

Ans. Essentially, a skin doctor and a dermatologist are the same. A skin doctor is just another term used for a dermatologist. The role of a dermatologist or skin doctor is to diagnose, examine, and then treat various skin-related conditions or diseases along with hair and nail conditions. A skin doctor can treat over 3,000 skin conditions. Among the 3,000+ skin conditions, basic skin issues like acnesunburnspigmentation, and even skin cancer is treated by a dermatologist. Therefore, if you are looking for a skin doctor or dermatologist who will help you with any skin issue or check for any underlying issues related to the health of your skin, hair, or nails, get in touch with a qualified and certified dermatologist.

Q4. Is it possible to remove acne scars permanently?

Ans. A dermatologist can reduce the appearance of acne scars through several treatments and make them less noticeable. The best way to treat acne scars is to prevent them altogether, i.e. seek help for acne breakouts on time and avoid the appearance of scars altogether. Home remedies are mostly advised against as they can cause further breakout if you are allergic to a particular constituent or have sensitive skin. In some cases, a dermatologist may suggest chemical peels or microdermabrasion to help improve the appearance of the scarred areas on your face. These are the milder treatment options for acne scars. In the case of extreme scarring, treatments like laser resurfacing are recommended. Either way, every treatment or procedure you opt for requires proper counselling and guidance from a dermatologist. So, visit the dermatologist, and get an insight on the process and the risks involved.

Q5. Do you need a doctor referral to see a dermatologist?

Ans. No, it is not necessary to have a referral from another doctor to see a dermatologist. If you have a skin problem and want to see a dermatologist to find out what’s wrong or to get specialist care, just make an appointment with that dermatologist. A referral is simply a recommendation from a general practitioner that you should see a particular type of specialist. Ideally, it’s easier to make an appointment with the dermatologist directly.

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