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Why do you need a dermatologist?

The field of Dermatology involves extensive treatments and solutions for your hair and skin. You may think that dermatology should be the last thing on your mind, but in a city like Hyderabad, you should definitely change your mind-set. Hyderabad is a bustling city witnessing a large influx of working professionals from all parts of India. Naturally, the demand for quality lifestyle and healthcare is going to be high in Hyderabad.

Any dermatologist in Hyderabad would recommend a regular skin and hair check-up as part of your overall wellbeing. Being a major IT hub, Hyderabad has its own set of working professionals who commute daily to work and are exposed to the sun’s harmful rays. It’s high time to acknowledge skin and hair care as core part of your well-being.

Who needs to see a dermatologist?

Practically everybody. People need to understand that visiting a dermatologist is equally important as having your regular health check-up. Besides this, there are certain obvious signs and subtle indications that can tell you whether you need to consult a dermatologist. Let’s start with the obvious signs;

Classic tell-tale signs of underlying skin or hair problems

  • You have acne that won’t go away
  • You have rough, itchy and dry skin
  • You have a mole that is changing shape or size
  • Your skin is constantly red or flushed
  • You’re facing drastic hair loss

All the above signs could be symptoms of something that can be easily diagnosed and treated, if consulted with the right expert. Skin & Hair Academy helps you find your way to the right dermatologist in Hyderabad who can provide expert care and treatment solutions for your conditions.

Signs that are more subtle or subliminal in their occurring;

  • You have mild rashes on your cheek
  • You’re noticing a change in the texture of your skin
  • You’re witnessing silvery scales on various parts of your body
  • Having itchy or athlete’s foot
  • Developing sudden blisters on the skin.

All the above symptoms could be pointing toward a more serious problem like eczema or psoriasis. These symptoms could also be heralded as the onset of an illness like melanoma or an allergic reaction to something you came in contact with. The bottom line is, these symptoms are not to be taken lightly. Get in touch with an expert dermatologist in Hyderabad and start your diagnosis process immediately.

Importance of skin & hair treatment

While symptoms can be helpful in deciding whether you need a dermatologist or not, it never hurts to take voluntary efforts to check-up on your skin and hair health. It allows you to discover solutions that could pre-empt deadly issues or even augment your aesthetic looks in a way that gives you more confidence. Let’s learn a little more about it.

Skin care

Skin care is a wide spectrum of practices that enable skin health, enhancements and treating skin conditions. They can include intake of the right nutrition, avoidance of excessive sun exposure and appropriate use of emollients, along with advanced therapies and treatments.

At Skin & Hair Academy, expert dermatologists and nutritionists can help you with any underlying disease or conditions, and put you on a safe and successful recovery path. Start your search with us and find the complete skin care solution by connecting with the right dermatologist in Hyderabad

Hair care

Although, hair care is a part of skin care, but it is a vast field in itself. Hair care mainly involves treating the scalp on which the hair grows, but can extend to working on the hair itself, to reduce problems like frizzy hair or curled hair. It can also extent to a complete hair transplant if need be.

Our panel consists of some of the most reputed hair specialists in the country, successfully helping customers to find the right treatments at the right price, without compromising their health.

As a resident of Hyderabad, it would befit you and your family members to take up routine skin check-ups, in order to ensure whether you are not developing any new condition. It’s important to keep track of your skin and hair health, just like you do with your body.


Q1. Why should you consult a skincare doctor?

Ans. Essentially because they understand the skin problem. One of the prevalent habits we have with respect to skin problem is, we practice self-medication or resort to OTC solutions. Ask yourself, would you do the same if you had an accident or are diagnosed with a serious issues like diabetes? No, right? You would visit an expert. Same goes for your skin problems. Rather than trying to self-diagnose, it’s better to visit a skincare doctor or dermatologist regularly.

Q2. What do doctors who practice in Skin Care Clinic specialise in?

Ans. Firstly, these skincare doctors are called as dermatologists. Secondly, they are primarily involved in

  • Overall skin and hair care
  • Diagnosis of skin and hair problems
  • Treatments, procedures and medication

Dermatologists are known to specialise in the treatment of over 3000 different skin and hair problems.

Q3. What type of skin problems are treated at skin care clinics in Hyderabad?

Ans. The problems are way too many to be described here. But yes, to quote a few commonly found ones, dermatologist do diagnose and treat the following:

Q4. What are the services offered at skin care clinics Hyderabad has?

Ans. These can be varied in nature and number. However, the most commonly sought-after services include:

Q5. Can I go straight to a dermatologist?

Ans. It really depends on your comfort level and acquaintance with any dermatologist. If you know a dermatologist, you can directly visit him or her. However, if you feel discussing the problem first with your family doctor, you can do so. You can also visit our page to search for expert dermatologist in your area.

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