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What Is The Need For A Dermatologist?

Today’s alarming pollution levels across the country, weather fluctuations, and changes in lifestyle, leave your skin and hair damaged. Even with a plethora of skincare and hair care products available in the market, choosing one that suits you the best is of the essence. The need for a dermatologist arises in such a case, one who can guide and advise you on the right products and routine for your skin and hair. It is advisable to never self-medicate and speak with an expert before using any product. Most of us are unaware of any allergies or issues and the role of a dermatologist is to help you understand your skin and hair better and suggest the best treatments for them.

It can, however, be difficult to find a reliable licensed dermatologist. Before you book an appointment, it is essential to have a few details such as their contact number, email address, and the address of their clinic as well. Here you are saved from the trouble of finding every last detail as we have set up a comprehensive portal with some of the best dermatologists in Bangalore listed along with their contact details and specialisations.

Understanding The Work Of A Dermatologist Beyond Skin & Hair Care

Dermatology goes above and beyond just treatment for skin and hair infections and diseases. Dermatologists have gained prominence due to the rise in the number of people opting for cosmetic procedures like laser treatments, facial rejuvenation, liposuctiondermal fillers, and the likes. Regular skin and hair care check-ups has also become a vital part of everyone’s lives.

Understanding the need for proper guidance, dermatologists at the Skin & Hair Academy share their vast knowledge on maintaining good skin and hair care routine through several channels such as blogs, articles, interviews, videos, and podcasts.

Who All Should Consult A Dermatologist?

A trusted and reliable dermatologist should be in everyone’s contact list. Usually, one visits a dermatologist only when they experience skin and hair problems. But, it is necessary for you to get the health of your skin and hair checked every now and then. Just like the rest of your body, your skin and hair needs maintenance too.

On this page, we’ve compiled an exhaustive list of all the best dermatologists in Bangalore who can address every skin or hair issue of yours.

Bengaluru’s Dermatology Experts

Bengaluru is undoubtedly one of the most advanced cities of India. The metro city is home to a diverse community of people who have flocked from all parts of India in search of careers and lifestyle. Naturally, to cater to the healthcare and skincare needs to such a diverse population, a sound doctors’ network needs to be in place.

Skin & Hair Academy’s page serves as a resourceful portal for connecting its readers to Bengaluru’s skin and hair care specialists, especially the leading dermatologists in Bangalore, filtered as per area, availability, specialisation and name.

The Importance of Hair Care

Hair health is as important as your overall body health. Based on the assumption that washing your hair daily or once a week does the trick, most of us neglect hair care. But, there’s so much more to hair care than a regular wash. Your daily diet and even your hair care products have a role to play in maintaining hair health. Understanding your hair type, the products to be used for that particular hair type, and opting for the most suitable treatments is essential. This is where dermatologists’ expertise and knowledge becomes key.

This page consists of the top dermatologists in Bangalore who can solve your hair problems and also help you maintain a healthy hair care routine that’s ideal for your hair type.

Understanding Skin Care

Rising levels of pollution and lifestyle changes have taken a toll on our skin and hair health. This has led many people to invest in a good skin care routine. Understanding the need for the right set of skincare products and methods to maintain healthy skin is essential. Additionally, skin protection should also be given importance and the right measures should be taken in case your skin is undergoing changes. The experts at the Skin & Hair Academy can help you understand your skin better and maintain a healthy skincare routine.

Skin & Hair Academy serves as the go-to platform for information on skincare and hair care, treatments, medical advice and awareness. The main objective of the portal is to ensure that people looking for information on skin and hair problems get medically accurate facts and details in an understandable and comprehensive language. Keep exploring our pages to get answers on all your skin and hair care questions.


Q1. Can dermatologists slow down the ageing process?

Ans. Skin ageing is a biological process influenced by a combination of intrinsic or endogenous and extrinsic or exogenous factors. While natural skin ageing cannot be stopped, it can be delayed with the help of a few treatments. Dermatologists use treatments like chemical peels, dermal fillers, Botox, PRP therapy, and many others to slow down or delay the skin aging process. All these procedures are cosmetic and therefore you need to check with your dermatologist regarding the risks involved or the side effects of these procedures before you undergo any treatment.

Q2. What are the top 5 treatments available at dermatologists in Bangalore?

Ans. Dermatology is a branch of medicine which treats multiple issues of the skin, hair, and nails. Therefore, a dermatologist is qualified to treat over 3,000 conditions. The most common treatments available at dermatologists in Bangalore would include:

  • Fungal infections
  • Acne
  • Dermatitis and Eczema
  • Hair loss
  • Nail issues

Apart from these skin, hair, and nail conditions, there are several more which a dermatologist can treat. Therefore, if you face any issues of the skin, hair or nails, do visit a dermatologist at the earliest to begin with its treatment.

Q3. What does a dermatologist do?

Ans. A dermatologist or a skin doctor (as they are otherwise known as) is a medical professional who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of various skin, hair, and nail conditions, infections or diseases through several physical examinations. A dermatologist is able to identify and treat 3,000+ conditions and these conditions could include psoriasis, eczema, in addition to skin cancer, among several others.

Q4. When to consult a dermatologist?

Ans. Skin is the largest organ of the body and is the body’s first line of defence. It forms a protective barrier for your body to deal with several problems. However, if you find the protective barrier, i.e. your skin to lose its efficacy with skin problems such as scars, hivesstubborn acneblemishes, ingrown nails or nail disorders, skin irritation, etc., you should consider consulting a dermatologist immediately.

Q5. Will a dermatologist treat skin problems in kids?

Ans. When it comes to treating any infection related to kids, there’s a special branch of medicine called paediatrics which deals with issues concerning children from birth through adolescence. Similarly, a paediatric dermatologist has the qualifications and the experience to treat any skin condition that your child may face, including birthmark, warts, eczema or psoriasis. Even the latest technology is used to treat a wide range of paediatric skin conditions.

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